Thoughts on Hip Flexors and Health

Hip Flexors for Your Healthy Lower Back: There are two big muscles that you’ve never heard about until you develop excruciating, throbbing, and wicked low back pain. They let you know about their existence immediately. They’re called the hip flexors. They’re two big muscle groups located deep behind the lower abdomen. The top of the muscles are attached to the lumbar spine and the bottom of the muscles are attached all the way to the femur below the hip.

They’re huge muscles. Their sole purpose is to support your back and keep you upright. As we evolved from four-legged crawling creatures to two-legged human beings, the hip flexors became the muscles of choice to keep us upright. The problem is that we sit all day in front of a desk doing computer work or watching TV or whatever, and the hip flexors become tight and contracted. So when we bend over to pick something up or twist in the wrong way, we develop sudden onset pain in the lower back shooting down the leg and sometimes all the way to the big toe. We can’t get up and can’t sit down, but surprisingly we can walk standing straight and tall. It’s not the spine or the lumbar vertebra – they’re solid. It’s those pesky hip flexors. They were tight and suddenly became tight to the extreme by going into uncontrolled spasm. And, they don’t let up. They cause all types of collateral damage – firing peripheral muscle groups, and worse, pulling and inflaming nearby spinal nerves causing the local back pain and the referred lower leg pain. Stretching, deep muscle therapy, and physical therapy can help by gradually relieving the muscle spasm. You must be patient as there are many muscles and nerves involved so it will take several days. And it will recur again because sitting all day will result in the tight hip flexors that go into spasmodic contraction at the smallest hint of stress. Prevention is the ultimate answer. Keep the back straight. Keep those hip flexors loose and strong. This is done by taking standing and walking breaks and a ceiling stretch at least once an hour or preferable every half hour. There are several hip flexor body core exercises that you can do, and it can be part of your routine daily work out. Manage those hip flexors properly, and you will banish low back pain from your life. Visit for ongoing news about exercise and managing your health.



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